Pump & Equipment Rentals Are The Best Choice For Your Jobsite’s Needs

Ground water level is among the most common problems that need to be addressed appropriately and effectively while starting a construction project. There are various methods and techniques that are used for dewatering in Florida that can be addressed with a dewatering pump rental.

The equipment used for this purpose might be expensive to buy. Therefore, many opt for pump rental services in Florida, as a more economical option.

According to the Global Industry Trends and Forecast, the dewatering equipment market will experience rapid growth in the coming years. The market is expected to grow to $ 7.14 Million by the year 2027.


There are many benefits to renting dewatering pumps, Florida Dewatering provides excellent service and a variety of pumps.

Reliable Dewatering Pumps Available for Rent


There are many advantages to renting the necessary equipment for your dewatering needs:

Less Capital Involved

Dewatering system equipment is usually expensive and is an added cost for you. In contrast, renting them is easier on your budget as the rent can be added to the company expense. As renting doesn’t involve a large amount of capital outlay, your company’s cash flow also remains stable.

No Depreciation of Assets

On the completion of a contract with the rental company, you just have to return the equipment pumps back to the owner. You don’t have to face any depreciation of equipment.

Immediate Availability

Many companies readily rent out their dewatering equipment, which means that the pumps are available for you at any time.

No Inconvenience of Repairs Necessary

When renting, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the pump. Reputable companies, like Florida Dewatering, keep properly working equipment available. This is why it’s important to choose a company that keeps their equipment in top shape with frequent testing and inspections.


By renting the dewatering equipment, you can cater to your varying needs. All your projects won’t be similar, and you might need to swap pumps. You can rent the appropriate pumps for your project’s needs for more efficient results. If you buy the equipment, you may only be able to purchase one kind, which may not be very versatile and won’t be fitting for some of your projects.

On the other hand, renting allows you to switch between the devices depending on your needs.

Decreased Running Costs

When you purchase dewatering pumps, you may incur additional expenses. This makes overall project cost go up. Renting dewatering equipment can keep your project costs down.

Florida Dewatering WellPoint Equipment Rentals


Wellpoint Systems

The wellpoint dewatering system is one of the most popular systems for lowering the level of water. It is best for dewatering up to 18 feet deep. The equipment of the wellpoint dewatering system includes many well points placed at intervals. These locations have to be strategic and must cover the entire excavation site.

Our WellPoint Systems