Is It More Economical To Rent Dewatering Equipment in Florida?

The ground water level is among the most common problems that need to be addressed appropriately and effectively while starting a construction project. There are various methods and techniques that are used for dewatering pump rental Florida.

The equipment used for this purpose might be expensive to buy. Therefore, many opt for renting this equipment & pump rental service Florida. Florida dewatering problems can be resolved either by renting or purchasing the equipment but you have to do research to find out which option is most economical for you to avoid any extra cost.

When opting for dewatering solutions to level down the water from your excavation site, the dilemma that you have to face is whether you should buy the dewatering equipment or rent it. There are pros and cons of both decisions and would affect your financial situation in the long run. However, any one situation is not ideal for all. You might be in a situation where buying the dewatering equipment might not be wise for you right now.

According to the Global Industry Trends and Forecast, the dewatering equipment market will experience rapid growth in the coming years. The market is expected to grow to $ 7.14 Million by the year 2027.


In this article, we will highlight for you the benefits of renting the dewatering equipment, which could prove to be useful for you. There are many companies that choose to rent dewatering equipment over buying.

The Benefits of Pump Rental Services in Florida

When it comes to selecting the best options, you need to consider and compare both benefits and disadvantages of renting and buying dewatering equipment.


There are numerous advantages of renting dewatering equipment. These are discussed below :

Less Capital Involved

Dewatering system equipment is usually expensive and is an added cost for you. In contrast, renting them is easier on your budget as the rent can be added to the company expense. As renting doesn’t involve a large amount of capital outlay, your company’s cash flow also remains stable.

No Depreciation of Assets

On the completion of a contract with the rental company, you just have to return the equipment pumps back to the owner. You don’t have to face any depreciation of equipment or losses.

Immediate Availability

Many companies readily rent out their dewatering equipment, which means that the pumps are available for you at any time. You do not have to wait for access to your project solutions.

No Inconvenience of Repairs Necessary

When the dewatering equipment needs repair due to any fault, the company renting out their equipment is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment for peak performance. You should, however, make sure you choose the company that keeps their equipment in top shape with frequent testing and inspections.


By renting the dewatering equipment, you could cater to your varying needs. All your projects won’t be similar, and you might need to swap pumps. You can rent the appropriate pumps for your project’s needs for more efficient results. If you buy the equipment, you may only be able to purchase one kind, which may not be very versatile and won’t be fitting for some of your projects.

On the other hand, renting allows you to switch between the devices depending on your needs, without any extra cost.

Additional Services by the Rental Companies

Many dewatering equipment rental companies give free additional services with their contract. These might include on-site training to the operating team, maintenance, etc. This could prove to be beneficial for your project. Moreover, it might also save you a lot of time and effort to figure things out yourself.

Decreased Running Costs

When you own the dewatering equipment pumps, you have to incur additional expenses. This makes the project costs go up. Renting dewatering equipment can keep your project costs down.

Decrease in Labor Budget

When renting the dewatering equipment, you could lower your labor budget. The rental company would be required to hire experienced consultants and technicians who would install and uninstall the machinery. This way, you can free up your labor budget a bit, and it would be more convenient financially.

Transport Costs

The rental company would also be free from incurring the transport cost of the machinery, as it is again the responsibility of the owner. Transporting this heavy equipment to and from your project site can be very expensive and can thus increase the overall project cost.

How to Choose a Dewatering Pump Rental System for Your Project

There are various dewatering systems and all serve different dewatering & dewatering pump rental Florida needs. For maximum benefit, it would be wise to research your project’s particular dewatering needs to get the best results quickly.

What is Dewatering?

Removal of groundwater for lowering the water level on your excavation site is called dewatering. There are several dewatering & Tampa dewatering pump for rent systems introduced by experts. Below are some details that could help you decide the most appropriate system for the unique needs of your project.


Florida Dewatering Systems


Wellpoint System

The wellpoint dewatering system is one of the most popular systems for lowering the level of water. It is best for dewatering up to 18 feet deep. The equipment of the wellpoint dewatering system includes many shallow wells placed at intervals. These locations have to be strategic and must cover the entire excavation site. There are connected pipelines that pump water towards the surface.

Deep Well System

Deep well system is very different from the wellpoint system. In this system, wells are drilled very deep in the ground, their depth is twice the size of the excavation. Appropriate depth is measured by the experts who take into consideration the soil type. It makes use of submersible pumps that work with electricity. These move the water from below the ground and out of the area.
florida dewatering tampa dewatering company pumps water removal concept

Sock Dewatering System

This system is very different from both the wellpoint system and the deep well system. It usually works by making use of perforated pipes, which are designed to fit the trenching machine. It usually excavates 5 feet deep to 15 feet deep groundwater. Also, this system is ideal if you are working in extensive areas.


Open Pumping Systems

The open pumping system is most suitable for excavation sites that are shallow. Their building and installation cost is also minimal. Large amounts of water can be easily removed from an excavation site through an Open Pumping system.


Groundwater Filtration System

Before the groundwater that is acquired by the dewatering system is released, it should be filtered. The groundwater filtration system should be used for the treatment of excavated groundwater. This makes the contractors compliant with the environmental regulations as through filtration, the pumped-out water’s turbidity can be eliminated.

Installation of Rental Dewatering Systems

The installation of the dewatering system or pump rental service Florida should be done after obtaining the advice of a technical expert. Proper installation would mean the proper operation of the dewatering system.

The dewatering pump rental Florida company usually provides pump rental service Florida of experts for the installation of their equipment as they do not want their machinery to be mishandled and get damaged in the process. Also, if the company takes responsibility for installation, any mishap that might occur during the installation of the equipment, is not your responsibility or liability.

Companies with expert engineers who have experience handling the equipment should be given preference. This could ensure the safe and timely Tampa dewatering pump for rent of your excavation site. A reliable and reputable dewatering equipment rental company is thus favored for quality service.

There are few companies that comply with the criteria mentioned above in the United States to help you with dewatering pump rental Florida & pump rental service Florida. They can easily be contacted online to provide appropriate equipment for your unique dewatering needs quickly.


If you are starting a construction project or you have to regularly deal with dewatering or Tampa dewatering pump for rent, this article is a thorough guide to help you analyze whether Tampa dewatering pump for rent and machinery is a good and economical option for you or not. We would recommend going through and comparing all the benefits and drawbacks of both buying and renting, analyzing the cost, and then making an informed final decision.